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VESTITI  Means “ for you to get dressed {up} ”   

VESTITI  Stands for quality

VESTITI  Stands for 100% Italian made clothing 

VESTITI  Believes not only in the best quality, but clothing manufacture that is respectful to the hard working shirt makers that share their passion to supply the best

VESTITI  Is for men of all ages who appreciate high quality and unique styling


Our Story


Our company was born out of a passion for the Italian style in men's wear. But our story is one that grew from love, starting from a love of menswear I spent many years working in the Irish & UK markets.

Passion is a drug that drives you to the source, I was not satisfied with the standard of clothing I was seeing so I moved to Italy to get a full understanding of why their fabrics and production are far superior to the rest of the world.

As chance would have it, I met my partner while living in Italy and it just so happened that her father has 40 years of experience in shirt fabric production.

Call it luck or call it fate, we now have the finest fabrics from Italy and our own team of chosen shirt makers to bring you the quality you deserve.