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The Home of Italian Shirts

We are on a mission to bring timeless, sustainable and long lasting clothing to our customers.


100% Cotton, eco-friendly materials, ethical production & timeless style.


Experience ultimate comfort, breathability, and durability with 100% cotton —your skin will thank you.


20 stitches per inch inside & outside, ensuring tightness of fabric for greater longevity


The secret of lasting shirts passed down by generations of Italian tailors.

Made in italy

We take pride in what we make, this is the Italain way.

Made to Last

This shirt is over 2 years old and washed 104 times. We work with the No.1 artisan shirt maker in Italy to bring our customers the highest quality clothing.


Crafted from 100% cotton, our button-down shirts combine comfort with easy ironing, making them a versatile choice for both daily wear and special occasions.


We are neither slim fit or regular fit, we are in that nice place in the middle.